THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH WITH NOMAD’S LOWEST HOTEL PRICES is a blockchain-based platform for online booking hotel rooms

Pre ICO ends in
(Goal is $5 mln)

Unlimited space of your traveling

Project goal is to create a global wide blockchain platform on hotel online booking eliminating middleman fees and covering 20% of the hospitality market that will double by 2030 exceeding $1 trillion in volume and thus outperform major rival OTAs. is an unlimited space of your traveling.

To get more information watch the video.

NOMAD features

Lowest transaction cost

No payments for servers. No fees to miners, platform owners and for exchange of fiat and crypto currencies

Blockchain platform

Conscious choice of suitable blockchain platform of three tested (Ethereum / EOS / Plazma)

Big client and hotel base

Ensuring the flow of orders right after launching the project through focused M&A of aggregators and PMS

Financial infrastructure

Internal currency (NSP) and instruments to reduce volatility and increase liquidity via market maker smart-contract (MMSC)

Technical infrastructure

Own blockchain-nodes installed by the hoteliers


Transparent and clear algorithm of project management at each stage of implementation

DAO of hoteliers

The members of the network manage its development and solve internal issues of the touristic industry using a joint consolidated development budget from all of the participants

Honest reviews

Transparent rating system of the hotels and rooms assessed by real travelers

Non-staff hotel

Rapid deployment of a non-staff hotel concept (IoT) that cuts hotel costs

NOMAD Strategy

Flow of funds during booking on the platform

given that 1 NSP token is equal to 1 $


  • Significant cash-back when booking through NOMAD is transferred to a client.
  • Market maker smart-contract (MMSC) reduce volatility and guarantee cashback in fiat currency.
  • The platform preserves the principle of an agreement on price parity among market participants.
  • DAO provides services of marketplace for hoteliers. Cost of services equals to cashback a traveler receives.
  • To ensure that the hotel is never disconnected from the booking systems, cash-back is paid to client from DAO.

Собрано из планируемого

  • Собрано $38 млн.



Our team

Business competence

Managers from the real economy sector with a portfolio of investments of over $5 bn

Digital and Travel competence

Years of experience in digital and travel industries

IT and architects

Experience blockchain professionals

Project idea

Functional development of the Project

Project implementation

Business competence


Dmitry Lyutyagin

NOMAD Founder

Oleg Kulikov


Alexey Andreev

Strategy and Business development

Artyom Sorokin

Finance and Investments

Maxim Karelin

Strategic planning

Ross Lukatsevich

Business adviser
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IT and architects


Alexey Nebotov

Abab Founder, Blockchain developer

Aleksey Borisov

Front and back-end developer

Ivan Borisov

Ethereum and Plazma developer
0 (1)

Eugene Luzgin

EOS adviser

Jackson Kelley

EOS developer
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Digital and travel competence


Nicolas Villemin

Travel adviser

Gábor Molnár

Travel adviser
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Investment plan

  • Crowdsale 51

  • Team 20

  • MMSC and reserves 20

  • Seed 5

  • Bounty and advisors 4

  • Partnership with Aggregators 46

  • MMSC 23

  • Subsidies 15

  • Development 5

  • Call Center 3

Pre-ICO Parameters

Token Name: Pre-NSPToken for Sale: 112,000,000
Tokens Hard Cap: USD 5,000,000Tokens Soft Cap: USD 1,000,000
Token Exchange Rate for Pre-ICO:1 Pre-NSP  = $0.04 on June. Discount is 60%
1 Pre-NSP  = $0.05 on July. Discount is 50%
1 Pre-NSP  = $0.06 on August . Discount is 40%
1 Pre-NSP  = $0.08 on September. Discount is 20%
The NSP token value at the ICO stage shall be equal to $0.1 per token. Pre-NSP tokens shall be converted into NSP tokens at the rate of one to one at the ICO stage.
At the pre-ICO stage, funds of early private investors shall be frozen in the platform until two conditions are met – soft cap is raised and the MVP is developed/ The MVP has a capability to book rooms in a number of hotels and pay up to 15% of a room price by tokens. The investors receive Pre-NSP tokens on them accounts when the two conditions are met. If the two conditions are not met until September 30, 2018 the investors receive their ETH back on their account.

The price of the pre-NSP token is denominated in the Ethereum crypto currency and is the equivalent of USD. The rate of conversion of Ethereum / USD will be fixed one day before the start of the pre-ICO and stay fixed until the end of the book closing within the pre-ICO stage.


Our team participated in the Russian Blockchain Week 2018 in Moscow. There were many visitors of stand where Dmitry, Alex A. and Alexey N. presented our project and pr... team made a presentation at the EOS conference in Moscow. Dmitry Lyutyagin and Alexey Nebotov presented project to the conference attendees....

Our team participated in the Arabian Travel Market’2018 in Dubai. Dmitry, Oleg and Nicolas had extensive meetings with hotel chains, that expressed a lively interest in the N...